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Expanding our reliable repository backup service to Bitbucket

Are you using Bitbucket to host your repositories and manage your projects? Get a full backup of all your Bitbucket repositories in minutes and have peace of mind, as we update all your backups daily.

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check-blue Get a full Bitbucket backup in minutes

Save time with our Bitbucket backup service and get a full backup of your repositories. No need to implement and test your own backup script.

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Have peace of mind, as we update all your backups daily, and make sure you are up-to-date with Bitbucket API changes.

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Get support from our experts for disaster recovery, and restore your data easily with the BackHub Restore App.

Why should I backup Bitbucket data?

To prevent loss of data

There are many reasons for keeping an extra offsite backup of your repositories on Bitbucket.

The number one cause of data loss is directly from users.

Here are a few scenarios that can lead to loss of data in a Bitbucket repositories:

  • Bitbucket accidentally loses your data (happened to GitLab before)
  • A project has been deleted accidentally from Bitbucket.
  • A projects content has been wiped.
  • The history of a repository was changed with git-reset or git-rebase and therefore has led to loss of data with a forced push.
  • Rogue employee destroys your data.
  • Your account get's hijacked (happened to the Canonical GitHub account).
  • Your account is deleted

There are many other scenarios that could potentially lead to loss of data. We therefore strongly recommend backing up all your data.

With BackHub you can restore your current backup directly back to Bitbucket or rollback to a previous state of your repository and metadata from any of the backup snapshots up to 30 days back in time.

For compliance

Many of our customers also need backups for compliance. If you are preparing for a SOC2 or ISO27K audit, for example, you will need a backup of your cloud data.

Read more in our help center.