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A New Family. A Better BackHub

We built the first version of BackHub simply because we needed it. There was no secure backup solution for our GitHub repositories. GitHub had become, and still is, a linchpin in our project development process.
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Three Ways to Backup Your GitHub Issues

While GitHub is a well-established company, data loss is always a risk worth considering. Data breaches, policy changes, and system downtime all have an impact on your ability to access and use GitHub Issues effectively, so keeping a backup is...
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The Risk in Managing Your Own Backups

Data loss is a risk for every business and one that can be mitigated by having reliable backups. On January 31, 2017, Gitlab had an outage that lasted for many hours due to production data being accidentally deleted. In this case, Gitlab’s problems...
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Recovering a Deleted GitHub Repository

If you are an organization enthusiast like me, you will be quick to hit the delete button on old repositories you’re no longer using. For personal projects, this is an effective way to keep your GitHub account clean. In shared organization accounts,...
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