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The BackHub Roadmap for 2019

We’re excited about taking BackHub to the next level this year! We highly value customer feedback and also like to be transparent about our plans. These plans are based both on customer feedback and keeping up with evolving industry standards. In...
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Let's Talk Backup Strategies

Why Consider Backup Strategies? Saving copies of your work as backups is essential to prevent data loss, especially in today’s digital and multi-connected world. The reasons range from hardware failures (manmade or natural) to accidental data...
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BackHub now available on GitHub Marketplace

Today we are excited to announce that BackHub is now available on GitHub Marketplace. It’s an all new version of BackHub that comes with a new feature called “Backup Snapshots” and is built as a GitHub App for a more solid integration, allowing...
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Announcing BackHub Enterprise

While building and running BackHub the last three years, we got lots of user feedback and have learned a lot about what a backup solution for GitHub should provide. We know that large organizations may have concerns about handing over their most...
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Different states of a backup

We have renamed a couple of things in the list of repository backups and introduced a new differentiation between archived backups with upstream to the original repository at GitHub and archived backups without upstream. Let me explain in detail...
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