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Recurring GitHub repository backups with BackHub

With BackHub you can easily create recurring GitHub repository backups. "Recurring" means backups are being updated on a daily basis.

BackHub is set up in minutes. Just install the app through GitHub Marketplace for your organization or personal account and GitHub repository backups with daily snapshots will be automatically created. You can also limit access during the installation process to create backups for select repositories only.

With BackHub, you don't need to write your own GitHub repository backup script or bother executing it every day. Rely on a cloud to cloud backup solution instead, and save time creating backups for your GitHub repositories.

Having an extra off-site GitHub recurring backups of your most valuable data is important. The number one cause of data loss comes directly from users. Here are a few scenarios that could lead to loss of data related to a GitHub repository:

  • A GitHub repository has been accidentally deleted
  • GitHub is not available and you want to access your repository
  • The history of a repository has been changed with git-reset or git-rebase and led to data loss with a forced push.
  • The contents of a GitHub issue, milestone etc. has been changed or deleted accidentally.

There are many more scenarios that could potentially lead to data loss. We therefore recommend keeping up-to-date GitHub repository backups.



You can read on in our blog or in the FAQ about recurring GitHub repository backups. 

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