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Christian Schlack, Founder & CTO of BackHub

Christian Schlack
Founder / CTO

Claudius Heitz, Founder & Advisor at BackHub

Claudius Heitz
Founder / Advisor

Steffen Muller, Security Engineer at BackHub

Steffen Müller
Security Engineer

About BackHub

We launched the very first version of BackHub early in 2014. Initially, we built it as a tool to organize our GitHub account by archiving old repositories. We thought this tool would be useful to other developers too, and after launching we soon realized our earlier users didn't care much about archiving, but used it as a tool to backup GitHub repositories. Hence, BackHub was born. 
Since then, we've optimized BackHub to make it the easiest method of backing up GitHub repositories and their associated metadata. This led to new features like backup snapshots and the ability to clone from BackHub directly.
Our mission to protect GitHub repositories brought us in contact with Rewind, a leading provider of BaaS (Backup-As-A-Service) applications. What began as collaborative chats quickly led to deeper discussions. Rewind acquired BackHub in February, 2021. 

Both BackHub and Rewind are on a mission to protect cloud data, and joining forces allows us to reach that goal faster. BackHub is proud to be a part of the Rewind suite of apps, which collectively serve over 80,000 businesses and protect over 33 billion data points globally. 
We continue to learn about our customers needs every day and constantly improve our service. If you have any feedback or feature requests, please don't hesitate to reach out in the chat or at